Android Studio Wireless Debugging in 5 min

Wireless charging is very popular now-a-days. So, why not wireless debugging! The era of USB debugging is over (well, almost over :p). It’s an old trick and old is gold you know.

Let’s fight:

Set up adb(Android Debug Bridge) globally:
We need to set a path variable to use adb from anywhere. Don’t be frightened or bored, it’s super easy. The adb is normally located here if you didn’t installed you sdk other than Local Disk(C :): Go to:
Local Disk(C :) -> Users -> (Username) -> AppData -> Local -> Android -> sdk -> platform-tools

✓ Copy this folder’s path
✓ Now right click on (My Computer/This PC), select properties
✓ A window will be opened with your PC’s basic info
✓ From the left panel of this window select ‘Advanced system settings’
✓ Another dialog will be opened -> select ‘Advanced’ tab -> Click ‘Environment Variables…’(at the bottom of the dialog)
✓ Another dialog will be opened. From the upper part double click on ‘Path’
✓ In windows version <10 place a ‘;’ and paste the path here
✓ In windows version 10 click on ‘New’ and paste the path.
✓ Now click on all three ‘ok’ buttons and we are done!



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Md. Hasnain

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